Real Estate & Body Corporate

Trusted real estate & body corporate partners

We have good ongoing relationships with key real estates and body corporates around Brisbane. Having dealt with this type of work for over 20 years, we have visited a vast number of buildings in Brisbane at one stage or another. Thanks to this experience, we’re able to execute repairs more efficiently than other plumbers out there.

We understand what property managers need

We understand the needs of property and body corporate managers. Jobs need to be prioritised and completed efficiently, coordinating directly with tenants for access and informing owners from the site. We’ll never undertake extra work identified by tenants without first contacting the property manager. Moreover, we’re aware of the need to not give information to anyone not directly associated with the job.

Choose from our long- and short-term options with competitive pricing. We also store every job in an archive that can be recalled at any time.

Contact Us

If you have an emergency please call 0406 239 159

Experts in leaks and hot water issues

We can cater to most real estate and body corporate jobs, with special expertise in the following:

Hot Water

We can help will all hot water failures and shutdowns, whether communal or private. We're confident in identifying all causes of cross-connection component failure. For Origin hot water, serviced and bulk sites, we understand the procedures and have a good relationship with the company, so downtime is kept to a minimum. 

Regardless of the brand, we are up to date with the latest service manuals and can maintain, repair or replace as required. We hold current gas and restricted electrical licences, with endorsements for solar and heat pump style heaters.

Slab Leaks

We are the experts in finding and diagnosing leaks from one unit to another, having never failed to find the cause.

Blocked Drains

We can organise same day drainage plans, clear blocked drains and organise jet rodding as well as camera surveys with full reports and options to rectify. 

Why Choose Bassett Plumbing & Hot Water

Problem Solvers

We’re known for being able to solve plumbing problems where others can’t. Our team thrives on jobs that are too difficult for others!

Family-Owned & Reliable

As a family-owned plumbing group, our customers continue to choose us for our reliable service. We don’t leave you hanging!

30+ Years Experience

Having been in the plumbing industry for over 30 years, we’ve seen it all. With the backup of manufacturers’ specifications and service manuals, we can sort out any problem.

Emergency Callout

Our emergency callout service helps you when disaster strikes! Problem diagnosis is our strong suit, allowing us to create a solution and fix faults fast.

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